Dua To Attract A Woman

A Dua To Attract A Woman – To Attract Someone

Attracting a woman with a dua

You are in love with her, but does she love you back? Does she know how much you love her? The dua to attract a woman can help you if you have a crush on someone and want her to reciprocate your feelings. You can be very successful if you combine reading the two with your efforts, since it is not easy to face someone who has the same feelings as you. Eventually, they will start noticing your efforts and becoming attracted to you. In no time, you’ll see her approaching you too.

This post is for those who have been brokenhearted with the fact that the one they like doesn’t like them back. The most effective dua to attract someone to you will help you see your efforts come to fruition. We know you have been praying for them secretly and wish they were with you forever, but that’s not enough! In order to achieve your desired results, you must do everything you can; and this dua is the ultimate solution.

Attract Someone To You With This Dua

You can also use the dua to attract someone if you plan to propose to someone. If you are worried that they will reject you and wouldn’t accept your proposal, then reading the Islamic wazifa for love can be helpful. Your proposal will make them long to be with you forever, and they will be unable to refuse.

Here is the ritual to attract the woman of your dreams:

  • Namaz and ablution should be performed.

  • You should recite Durood e Paak three times.

  • Then, recite surah Rahman 41 times while visualizing their faces.

  • Blow your breath on them and pray to Allah to create the same feelings in them.

  • For 5 days, follow this ritual.

Attraction Wazifa

Just like any dua for attracting a specific person, the wazifa to attracting someone is also an effective remedy. This prayer is a wazifa to attract someone towards you. Reading the wazifa for attraction is mostly done for the purpose of marriage.

With the help of the dua or wazifa to attract someone, a woman can easily fulfill her wish of getting married. When a woman is attracted to a man, she can feel help from the dua and wazifa.

One-sided love can also be successfully achieved by dua to attract a guy. In addition, the dua can be used to attract an ex-lover back into your life. After a breakup, many women start missing their ex-partner. You can get rid of the feeling of loneliness and sadness by using the dua to attract a guy.

Listed here are the steps for performing the wazifa to attract someone. You may use this to attract your one-sided lover or an ex-partner. Wazifa for husband attraction may also be used to create love in a husband’s heart.

  • Wash yourself with ablution before beginning this wazifa.

  • Wear a fresh set of clothes and sit away from all distractions after cleaning yourself.

  • Put a picture of the person you want to attract in front of your prayer mat.

  • Recite this verse while looking at the picture: “Surah Mubarakaa Surah Ikhlas, Asmma-Hul-Husnaya Wadudu”.

  • At least 101 times need to be recited for the above dua.

  • InshaAllah, you will get the desired results within a short period of time if you perform this wazifa for 21 consecutive days.

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