Dua For Love And Attraction

Dua For Love And Attraction In Urdu

Love and Attraction Dua

Have you fallen in love with someone and wish to get your feelings reciprocated in return? Have you ever felt that the one you are crushing on does not have the same feelings for you? With the help of the dua for love and attraction, you can get anyone to fall in love with you and be attracted to you. With this love you can make anyone fall for you and be attracted to you. You can use this Islamic dua for attraction if your crush isn’t noticing your efforts and see the miracles for yourself.

Your lover may also be feeling distant from you if you read the dua for love and attraction. There are many reasons why couples may feel distant due to fights, disagreements, and other factors. Consequently, the couples feel resentful and lonely and their relationship starts to deteriorate. You can find the best solution to this by reading this dua for love and attraction.

Your relationship will be infused with understanding and you will be able to narrow down distances between you and your partner.

For Attraction, a dua

This Quranic hadith will give you hope if you hurt your partner and now want them to forgive you and love you like before. It might seem like your partner will never forgive you or love you as much as you used to, but reading this Islamic dua for attraction will make things easier for you. Despite the fact that you have been working hard to win them over, if you read this dua for love and attraction along with your efforts, then you will have magical results.

  1. You should make a fresh ablution.
  2. Three times recite Durood E Sharif.
  3. It is recommended that you recite 300 times for Allah HummaaAaliff BaiynaaQulubinn WaaAsslihh ZaataaBaiyninn WahdeenaaSuboola Assalam WaaNajjeena Minazzulumaatii ilannoor after this.
  4. Pray to Allah to provide you with what you desire by picturing the face of the one you desire and reciting this hadith with your heart.

Those who have broken up with their partner and are looking to reintroduce them to their lives can also benefit from this remedy. This dua for love and attraction can help you if you are missing them and want to spark feelings of affection in them. To get the most effective results from this dua, you must first contact our maulvi ji for the complete procedure.

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